Tethernet Announces Price-Shattering $749 Anti-Spam and Anti-Virus Appliance

Tethernet’s new TetherFilter 50 offers affordable, accurate spam filtering, and easy deployment for $749.

Belleuve, Washington (PRWEB) June 16, 2004 ­ Tethernet today announced the availability of the TetherFilter 50 anti-spam and anti-virus appliance. The TetherFilter 50 employs the same evolutionary anti-spam technology used in the TetherFilter 100 appliance, but is designed for smaller enterprises. The TetherFilter 50 employs an evolved email message-processing engine capable of intercepting spam and virus messages that violate protocol and formatting standards. This new technique leapfrogs error prone word matching and statistical modeling technologies that are common in most anti-spam products. The TetherFilter appliance provides immediate relief to server-clogging spam and is compatible with all existing Internet email servers.

“The TetherFilter 50 significantly lowers the cost of deploying an anti-spam solution, at $749 it is the lowest priced anti-spam and anti-virus appliance available,” said Tethernet CEO Frederick Hunter. “Combined with dead-simple deployment and hands-off management the overall cost of deploying an anti-spam solution has never been lower”

Internet email standards have evolved over several decades and contain many complex and legacy characteristics that have accumulated into the very complex standard used today. Due to this complexity, most spammers and spamming program authors lack the technical expertise to properly conform to all the Internet protocol and formatting rules. By comparison, commercial email solutions comply with all the Internet standards. By discriminating on this behavior along with the use of other anti-spam technologies, TetherFilter can effectively intercept spam before it is presented to users.

The efficient 1U form factor appliance offers quick and simple deployment, requiring no changes to the existing email server. Pre-programmed with rules to effectively catch spam and viruses, TetherFilter offers near-zero administration with automatic and transparent account creation and management. Through a web-based interface administrators can customize the anti-spam engine according to business preferences.

Pricing and Availability. The TetherFilter 50 is available immediately for $749, offering spam and virus protection for up to 150 users with no per-user licensing fees. The product supports a message flow rate of up to 10,000 messages per hour. Support plan pricing begins at $199 per year.

For more information please visit us at: http://www.tethernet.com Email: info@tethernet.com Phone: 1-800-343-0713

About Tethernet. Tethernet is a privately held company with its headquarters in Bellevue, Washington. Tethernet develops network server appliances based on industry standard protocols. By providing an alternative to expensive and complicated proprietary and open source solutions, Tethernet offers customers easy to use solutions that simply plug into the existing infrastructure.

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